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Tiffany Beeck

My husband Justin and I have seven beautiful children between the two of us.  I have found at the end of it all. trying to make a piece of the world a little better can make a big difference. 

our main focus becides our children is our fur babies. we own tt puppies ,  we want to share a loving environment for our puppies to call home. 

I'm also a certified lab tech and work at Des Moines Pediatrics and a Licensed Insurance Agent , as you can tell i love taking care of people  Thats what lead me to  carry on miss Kay’s legacy. Personally miss Kay touched my life by helping my daughter trinity. Trinity was in a severe car accident. We started scar treatment that miss Kay had provided. That is what touched my heart to begin my journey of trying to help others feel beautiful in their own skin.

“I hope you will trust me in this journey as we add that sparkle in your life. 

Tiffany Beeck, Owner

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